Sunday, June 19, 2016

Girlfriend is working for me, just jacked off, clear head and completely disgusted with myself, and listening to marc maron interview stephen karam

I am not sure if I will still listen to wtf while I write this, I am not even sure what I want to write about.  I feel neutral in mood and disgusted in self. After watching some live cams and having to resort to a oldie but goodie to finish, I smoked a ciggie and put wtf back on.  It seems like I usually write better blogs when I have some sort of over arching or overriding feeling to steer me in a direction. 

I bought a laptop recently and returned it the next day due to it being an impulse purchase that was barely better than my 3 year old laptop I am currently writing on.  First time writing this blog not on my phone.  And I think I like writing on the phone better.  One reason is I usually do it at work and thus get paid to blog.

My therapist wants me to write daily logs of how I have been feeling, I tried doing a few in a bloggy kind of way and he wanted me to pick something bothering me or not and work it out, maybe do a rambling blog and then dissect the topics in my cognitive behavior log app/worksheet.

My ass hurts, need to call the young ass man referred to by my religious doctor with fingers like bratwurst.  I was penetrated by a Norse doctor a few months ago I think I wrote about on here, and it was the worst. 

I have stuck shit in my ass for shits and giggles, but never a foreign digit.  Had my balls cupped and coughed a few times, but that is not invasive.  Now my ass hurts and I exclusively use flushable wipes  for like 6 months.

Need new glasses, need maybe ass surgery or another rectal exam and prescription ointment that is actually covered by my insurance, and does not leave anal stains so that when I go to wrap Christ presents at my dad's house I don't have to stand the whole time to not leak ass on my dad's furniture.

Writing is hard for me to do, at least to appreciate the byproduct, and I am not happy with this blog.

I will post it for Rod Gila, might be a chuckle in there...

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