Tuesday, May 10, 2016

listening to Todd Rundgren high at work

Its almost midnight, I'm at work and tranqued out listening to Todd Rundgren.  Its considered a shitty album. His last to fulfill a long contract. He did it all by himself I think.  Solituded himself and wrote some unique music. Single from album is bang the drum. I might not even listen to that. I might put Panteras last album back on (reinventing the steel) and air drum. Work up a sweat. It calms me down.
But I accidentally dosed my self. I don't like being pilled out and i don't feel relief. I feel a deep underground river of panic and anger running deep through my veins and heart. And a dull dirty icy  crust of benzos on top slowing me down, making me artificially tired and lethargic.  Drugs i ingested are my prescription. I thought I needed to chill. So I didn't beat the shit physically out of someone, a late fifties non combat non overseas veteran who i trade out with five nights a week.

Racecar Reggie people call him.

He wears sweaty looking fingerless leather gloves he says because he's a germ nut. He has a grey mustache and the  edge of his upper lip is stained black from the shitty Pall Mall cigarettes he chain smokes. He is a nice guy and I try not to give him a reason for a nother heart attack. Smoke another bone, Reggie. I will join you.

He is the reason I am Tranquilized like a 50s house wife taking a break from vacuuming and sitting down listening to soft rock by a rich genius.  This is the only album of Rundgren  I have on my phone.

Trying to save data.

Accidentally heard bang the drum while editing this.

I do want to work and bang the drum while working and getting overtime. I like getting paid to do stuff i would usually have to pay to do, or something i don't like but if it takes up time at work, and I get paid  (to exercise for example), it's win win.

I got paid to watch one of the mormon vampire movies by taking a middle aged child molester from work. He did more activities than I did in my free time. He was developmentally disabled. 

But his molester  burrito dick wasn't.  My first few minutes on my first shift with him he made me inspect it because he said it hurt. He had been fucking between the mattress and box spring and had chafed his horse cock. Thick and fat and hard for kids. Before i got fired for taking him to house to burn some dvds for my pirate dvd business they bought him some ky. We talked about getting him a pocket pussy.  When we would go to my house for me to start the dvd burn he would look at my playboys i left lying around.  I got sick of searching his room in the group home for triggers, anything resembling kids or even animals kid like.

I figured he could put some adults in the I would say spank bank but more accurately lubed cock and mattress bank. So i let him look. I felt bad after i got fired and he told everyone i let him see the playboy's.  I even showed him an episode of cathouse on demand from HBO.

I had a lot of guilt about those things I did. But you know what? If I was locked up in a group home stuck fucking my matress, I would want some kind fellow to let me see some erotica.  Maybe not. Anyway fuck that guy. Snitches get stitches.

On their dick after fucking their matress.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Five Hundred Dollar Five Day Blizzard; Diaper Wine (Check in)

I started doing regular therapy last July. I have been mostly weekly attending since then. In the 2015 summer I was having major panic attacks and tried to check myself in to an institution more than once, and at best i got a few hours sleep in a shitty pleather lay-z boy before gathering my wits and asking old money bags to sack out before work in an actual bed. I think I was under impression my girlfriend/landlord hated me, or maybe that night i had threatened physical harm upon her. Can't remember. There was one too many situations like this happening last summer.

Therapy has helped with the panic. I found out the pills I now have copious amounts of (enough that i mailed a half bottle to a friend who wanted one pill) have horrible side effects and lead to bad stuff in old age and any age actually. I got new pills and thought I had found a magic bullet. I was in control, I wasn't calling my girlfriend a cunt when she wasn't, and when she was I used more genteel words like bitch and piece of shit (she doesn't like the latter and I did apologize immediately. )

Don't know if I had a point in this graveyard shift ramble.  The old drug was the benzo Klonopin and the new pill is Buspirine or Buspar (In case anyone was wondering.) 

I used to snort Klonopin when i first got them under suggestion from a scuzzlord and under orders  from a social worker at the last psych ward that I avoid illegal drugs.  I snorted them first as a joke, and later after developing  a tenderness for cocaine , when the blow or the money was gone, or just for something to take the edge off. They have a minty after snort maybe like those one wipe Charley's i heard about on Doug Stanhopes podcast.

I could use some minty wipes. I think they have witchhazel. I have been forced to use baby wipes since developing frequent anal bleeding and forgetting to make sure i got a referral to my regions youngest "Dr. Assman." Not sure what hemorrhoids have to do with klonopin or wife beatery but hey this is a blog and i find it interesting.

I wrote a year ago about my love for white devil debit card hog. I was developing a jones after having a unexpected trigger to from a video game of all places.  I had three years clean and it was unexpected and I made my way to Facebook and google to find my recenty released from prison dealer/ my brother's bodyguard in grade school.

He had warrants out for his arrest I discovered and was in hiding. But I found him on Facebook and sent off a request. He never responded. But I could see his friends list, and began some sleuthing. I would google search people for arrest records and if their transgressions had anything to do with scumbaggery i would friend request them. I live in a small town and I probably had some connection to them and they would usually add me. Cut the chase found one guy and asked him for contact info for my old sleaze squeeze connect.  He said dude had ripped him off but what did I need.  Skip to i took as much money as I could out of my atm next payday and he was driving to my house. Never met the guy but we were facebook official. I had forgot to tell him my pleasure and did so after he had already left for my house. He showed up and i took him around back and he showed wated look like the consistency and opacity of a white lifesaver. Two 8 balls for the money. But 8 balls of what I had no clue. But me and my nostrils were going to find out.

What i thought would be a night of pleasure (Me my drugs and videogames while my girlfriend was at work)  turned into an ultimately hellish five day run. I slept the entire 24 hour period of my girlfriends birthday and nearly got fired.  It was not or mostly not coke. Probably some synthetic bullshit with a little bit of something. I figured it was bullshit stuff but i still copped with my last hundred dollars after a night's sleep. And that bit seemed more cokey.

That's my last time with the hard stuff. I smoked a little weed one weekend a few months later but the last 8 months no drogas (sp?).

Hope Rodney H. Gila finds this interesting.